Московская городская организация ВОИР
Moscow city organization VOIR
offers the following services:

- Participation in city, Federal and international exhibitions on preferential terms.
- Publishing information about their innovative projects, technologies and inventions in the city's print media.
- Participation in special programs on television and radio (city and Federal channels).
- Providing an advertising page for placing information about the company on websites:www.archimedes.ru , www.innovexpo.ru
- Participation on preferential terms in city and Federal conferences, seminars, and forums.
- Participation on preferential terms the possibility of joining the international innovation club "ARCHIMEDES", which opens the way to international recognition and integration in city and Federal conferences, seminars, forums.
- Provision of methodological information materials, subscription to specialized media on preferential terms (list of media on the website)www.archimedes.ru).
- Providing discounted legal support in matters of protecting the legal rights of members of the VOIR.
- Participation in city, Federal and international competitions on innovative topics.
- Receiving grants, subventions, and orders for creating innovative products.
- Registration of documentation for obtaining titles: "Honorary inventor of the city of Moscow».
- Assistance in obtaining Russian and foreign medals, prizes and awards for innovative activities.
- Training at the "international University of the inventor "Archimedes" " with the award of a personal certificate.
- Assistance in applying for education or work related to innovation.
- Assistance in negotiating with Russian and foreign partners, including drafting and maintaining contracts.
- Assistance in patenting inventions, industrial designs, utility models, trademarks and other objects of industrial property.
- Assistance in making presentations of inventions and innovative projects.
- Organization of advertising and information companies, including the development and production of catalogs, booklets, calendars, Souvenirs, badges, medals, and diplomas.

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