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Congratulations to the winners of “SIIF 2020” and “IIDC 2020”

The International Innovation Club "Archimedes" with support of the Committee on inventive, rationalization and patent and license activity (Bureau Association “League for the support of Defense Industry Enterprises”) organized participation of Russian inventors and manufactures of innovative products in “SIIF 2020” (Seoul) and “IIDC 2020” (Hong Kong).

“SIIF 2020” was held in Seoul on the 1st – 4th of December 2020. Belgorod State University was awarded 2 silver medals for the projects presented at the exhibition.

“IIDC 2020” was held in Hong Kong on the 2nd – 4th of December 2020. The projects of Belgorod State University, Tula State University and JSC NIIAS (Research and design institute for information technology, signalling and telecommunications in railway transportation) were awarded diplomas and gold medals.

We would like to congratulate our participants on their big win! Wish them further success in all their endeavours!

The Executive Directorate of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes"

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